TOP Mistakes Recruits Make (For the REST see on FB or Twitter)

*TOP MISTAKES RECRUITS MAKE* **USA TODAY- Sports Report MISTAKE No. 1: Not Contacting Enough High Schools Unless you’re a five-Star athlete, your recruiting process is a numbers game. The more appropriate colleges you contact, the better your chances are to find a scholarship or a roster spot. It’s really that simple. Just because you’re interested in a school doesn’t mean the school will be interested in you. What if that school already has three other players at your position?Emails are probably the most effective way to contact college coaches, but you have to understand that you aren’t going to find your college home by sending a few emails when you have time. You have to email multiple colleges, multiple times. Think about it this way, for a coach to respond to an email everything has to line up: (1) the coach has to open your email or correspondence, (2) he or she has to actually read it, (3) there has to be a need at your position, (4) there has to be a way to verify your abilities, and (5) you have to come to an agreement.You need to play the odds and reach out to as many appropriate colleges as you can #recruitingmistakes#studentathletes#ncaarecruiting